Rebranding of packaging for alcohol. On the example of creating a status label for vodka "GLUBINA".

The appearance of premium vodka should correspond to its status. Easy to read label with a subtle design reveals a unique technology of vodka production. At the top of the label there are stylized waves, which gradually become dimmer and, as a result, disappear completely, thereby showing the depth and revealing its secrets. There, at the bottom, is a treasured precious gem that speaks to the fact that vodka is filtered it with pearls.

The name is made of high strict font, which makes it readable and attractive. Everything is simple, clear and concise.

In addition, another version of the label design was offered. The concept we have added a catchy image of the octopus. Octopus brings some mystery, because he is the inhabitant of the depth and the Keeper of its secrets. Beautiful plastic interlocking tentacles and unusual shape of its body fill the label design with charm and elegance, which fully corresponds to the premium vodka.

Advertising visual for brand "GLUBINA"

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